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Garth Clark – Palace and Cottage

Posted in Craft Thoughts by Kate Jones on January 22, 2010

This an inspiring podcast from the American Craft Council Conference in October 2009 “Creating a New Craft Culture”.

Garth sets a cat amongst the ACC pigeons, indeed amongst all long established Craft Instutitions and asks some powerful questions and makes some keen observations.

There too, were many good comments from the floor challenging makers to rethink their role in looking after themselves, and not waiting for ‘mom & pop’ (the established craft institutions) to do it for them.

Perhaps for too long, makers have hoped that their relative councils will somehow help to make life just a bit easier, but in reality for the vast majority, the councils have succeeded in marginalising craft further from main stream consumer culture, abandoning, confusing and undermining a craft language that may have helped people new to craft to connect with its values, creative, cultural, social and economic, and therefore, fewer people have confidently purchased craft

As a maker who works to fill my ‘rice bowl’ as well as working to fund the ‘spirit’ work, Garth Clarks words have a particular resonance.

Have a listen here and many of the other podcasts are also very interesting for those of us interested in the politics of craft and the future of craft.

Thank you Mr Clark.

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