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Exhibition Opening

Posted in Exhibitions by Kate Jones on October 31, 2011

The PV day was very well attended and the Goblets well received.

Thank you to the 300 or so people who came through during the day and thank you to everyone for your continued support of our work.

The show runs until the end of November, and is open Mon-Sat 10-4pm Sun 2-4pm.

From 1st Dec – 1st March, we are  at the studio working, but open by appointment.


Studio Exhibition October – Graal Goblets

Posted in Craft Thoughts, Exhibitions, Studio Stuff by Kate Jones on October 5, 2011

The Studio Exhibiiton opens to the public on 24th October. (PV 23rd)

‘Graal’ is the Swedish for grail and derives from the mediaeval Latin for ‘gradalis’ meaning bowl or chalice.

Developed in 1916, by the master glassmakers at Orrefors, it is still one of the most technically
challenging of all hot glass techniques.
An overlay is made, cooled, decorated with engraving and sand carving, reheated, picked up on the blowing iron and made into a goblet. We will be making these generously sized white & clear
goblets with new complex patterns.

Below images of the second stage of the process the pick up through to making.

Overlay and embryo making to come soon.


Embryos in the kiln ready for pick up

On the Blowing Iron

Heating in to smooth the textured sand engraving

Marvering the embryo

Air blown into embryo

Stem Foot & Punty added

Almost finished

Into the Lehr to cool overnight.

Howard Hodgkin Prints / Scarborough

Posted in Exhibitions, Travels by Kate Jones on July 12, 2011

The exhibition is beautiful. I wanted to take home Turkish Delight and Sea Food.

Find the exhibition from 9th July  – September 18th 2011 Scarbrough Art Gallery full details here.  It is a must see.

PV was well attended by the artist and friends.


Flaming June Opening Day

Posted in Exhibitions, Rosedale the locale by Kate Jones on June 6, 2011

Thank you to the  everyone who visited the studio yesterday for the opening of Flaming June.

We appreciate the enthusiastic reception to the new pieces and warm wishes for our coming nuptials. Image shown is of no3 which is still one of my favorites.

Late Visitor to the studio

Posted in Exhibitions, Rosedale the locale by Kate Jones on June 6, 2011

My neighbours popped in at the end of the day after the very busy PV. Must be the first time in at least 60 years a hooven footed visitor had entered the Old Blacksmiths forge.

Flaming June Exhibition

Posted in Exhibitions, Rosedale the locale by Kate Jones on May 31, 2011

This show make no direct reference to Flaming June by Lord Leighton, though we do have a feast of colour and imagery drawn from the amazing wealth of colour and forms found in the garden. The weather looks set to turn and make it a ‘Flaming June’ in temperature too. Lets hope so !

Images below of snaps taken in the garden and the mass of tumbling life that has provided much of the inspiration for this very different body of work.

Flaming June – Studio Exhibition 2011

Posted in Exhibitions, Rosedale the locale, Studio Stuff by Kate Jones on May 27, 2011

Studio exhibition opens on Monday 6th June. PV the Sunday. Invites on their way, if you would like an invite please join the studio mailing list here.

Gallery Talk at 1pm

” The elemental beauty of our location has been a constant inspiration for our work in colour, form and surface. This summers exhibition will see a return to our enclosed elongated forms in overlay glass with new colour combinations and surfaces, inspired by the wealth of June’s flora & fauna.”

Images coming soon…..

Joze London

Posted in Exhibitions, Studio Stuff by Kate Jones on May 27, 2011

An eclectic exhibition in a beautiful new space. Link here to find out where and learn more. 

Showing The Aesculus Trinity pieces, and other works. Couple of snaps below and one of Mr Coates Totem

Last nights PV was packed

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50 Years of Studio Glass from Great Britian

Posted in Exhibitions by Kate Jones on May 23, 2011

50 years of Studio Glass from Great Britain
For the first time a museum in Germany is presenting an exclusive review of 50 years of Studio Glass from Great Britain. More than 60 works from over 50 artists are shown. The selection includes artistically designed and in large quantity produced giftware, highly elaborate individual work and complex installations.

Nearly half of the exhibits are loans from artists as well as the Studio Glass collection of the Ernsting foundation Alter Hof Herding in Coesfeld.

The extensive collection of British Studio Glass from the European Museum of Modern Glass, which has been acquired during a period of forty years and particularly at the Coburg glass prizes, can be seen almost completely for the first time.

Collect / Work in Progress

Posted in Exhibitions, New Work, Studio Stuff by Kate Jones on April 22, 2011

Still working on the pieces to finish for Collect. Deadlines !

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