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Cannon Hall

Posted in Exhibitions, Studio Stuff by Kate Jones on May 5, 2010

Pleased to say Cannon Hall have recently purchased a piece for their permanent collection. Glad this one has gone to a public home as I will enjoy popping down to South Yorkshire to see it. Some pieces I just do not want to part with.

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Museum Purchase

Posted in Exhibitions, Studio Stuff by Kate Jones on May 5, 2010

Pleased to say Broadfield House Glass Museum has just purchased an overlay bowl from our studio to add to their Cameo Collection. This is the second piece in this prestigious and unique collection.

The Museum currently has an exhibition on ‘Take Thirty‘… thirty artists representing thirty years of Broadfield House Glass Museum.

3rd April – 8 August 2010 Kingswinford West Midlands.

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A Yorkshireman in New York

Posted in Exhibitions, New Work by Kate Jones on May 5, 2010

SOFA / New York April 2010

Stephen went to the show, and thanks to the volcano stayed a lot longer than anticipated. Good show of international work and a good selection of makers represented by Contemporary Applied Arts.

Showed the new ‘Bounded Space’ pieces and we will be showing more works from this series at COLLECT in May.

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Creating a New Craft Culture

Posted in Craft Thoughts by Kate Jones on November 14, 2009

This was the title of the recent American Crafts Council conference.


Some excellent speakers and presentations. Podcasts to be heard at the link. Still waiting for the Garth Clark podcast to load and I am looking forward to it.. Very interesting stuff.


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The Brilliant British Glass Biennale

Posted in Exhibitions by Kate Jones on August 24, 2008

It is a great show. Congratulations to all involved and all who made it happen. The catalogue is the best yet. Very pleased to have seen it and I do recommend it to all with an interest in glass and art.

Biennale Private View
Biennale Private View.

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Glass Routes from Wolverhampton to China

Posted in Exhibitions by Kate Jones on August 18, 2008

On a completely different note, we are showing an Aesculus as part of this event at Bilston Art Gallery from 22nd August -15th November.

Explore the story of contemporary glass showing the influence of Wolverhampton on glassmaking in China and around the world.
A range of beautiful glassworks will be on display. Large colourful pieces, detailed smaller works and digital projections of architectural glass will change the way you think of and experience glass. 49 international glass artists are represented in the exhibition, selected because they push the boundaries of creative production in this material.

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Rosedale Show 2008

Posted in Rosedale the locale by Kate Jones on August 18, 2008

Well the rain held off till 6ish , which was great and so the mud was only bad inside the produce tents. No streakers this year which was also good, a fine show in the sloe gin category and the baking entries were very impressive.

A good day out as usual in a very country kind of way, missed the chicken spinning and rabbit spitting, but there is always next year !

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Eton Applied Arts

Posted in Exhibitions by Kate Jones on August 17, 2008

Group Exhibition

Glass Spectacular 2008 Aug 15-14 Sept

This is a beautiful gallery in Windsor / Eton. We have some spheres and overlay bowls showing.

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Period Living

Posted in Studio Stuff by Kate Jones on July 15, 2008

Behind the Craft.

Got a very nice piece in this months magazine.

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Somewhere over the M62 Rainbow

Posted in Travels by Kate Jones on June 24, 2008

Well home was just over those hills !

The Journey home across the Pennines on the M62 in the high wind was an adventure….but as always there is something just plain amazing to look at.

( Stephen was driving )

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