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National Glass Centre / Carrie Fertig

Posted in Travels by Kate Jones on September 13, 2011

Saw Carrie today on a visit to the NGC, finishing her glass feathers for the Wing Project at Chichester Cathedral. For more info follow the link. Glass centre was busy and the cafe as good as ever.


Recent Commission

Posted in New Work, Studio Stuff by Kate Jones on August 3, 2011

Recently completed a special commission for a special anniversary. Don’t often make plates these days. Pleased with this one. Thank you Cathryn & Steve.

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GLASSROOM – Pukeberg Sweden Nov 10

Posted in Craft Thoughts, Studio Stuff, Travels by Kate Jones on November 9, 2010

Stephen is off to Sweden for a few days glass making as part if this interesting project info below. Its a heady mix of teams with designers, skilled glass makers working together experimentally.

“Glassroom is a nordic glass project. Our vision is to conform a concerted association for artists and designers and open up a joint hotshop at Pukeberg in 2011. We aim to create a non-traditional movement, which stimulates experiment and development, where craftsmanship serve as a powerful and valued tool. We want to make the glass available for both the creators and the public and strive to be the home of personal, mindblowing glass that leaves room for both reflection and evolution”

for more info see here

fredag 12 november
08-12.30 workshop 3: silent caos
Morgan Persson – studioglasblåsare
Steven Gillies – glasblåsarmästare
Julie Kausland Shirani – elev Kosta Glasskola
Anette Gulbæk – studioglasblåsare
Liselotte Henriksen – formgivare
Wilke Adolfsson – glasblåsarmästare
Lars Hellsten – formgivare/glaskonstnär

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A Yorkshireman in New York

Posted in Exhibitions, New Work by Kate Jones on May 5, 2010

SOFA / New York April 2010

Stephen went to the show, and thanks to the volcano stayed a lot longer than anticipated. Good show of international work and a good selection of makers represented by Contemporary Applied Arts.

Showed the new ‘Bounded Space’ pieces and we will be showing more works from this series at COLLECT in May.

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Priceless Antiques Roadshow

Posted in Studio Stuff by Kate Jones on February 3, 2010

Very pleased to have Christopher Payne showing and talking about our work and contemporary glass in this context.

We have been completely delighted at the response to the broadcast and we are overwhelmingly grateful to Mr Payne for his generosity.

Sadly, if you missed it the iplayer link has now expired. A transcript of Mr Paynes words is below.

Fiona Bruce :-
But for Christopher Payne his first love was taken away so his passion has taken on a modern twist:

Christopher Payne:-
“My first love was glass, English 18 c drinking glasses and I bought a small modest collection, some with chips some without, air twist cotton twist mixed twist, I love them that was in my late teens, and then when I first went to the auction rooms in London I was fascinated by roman glass.
The ancient roman glass, I couldn’t afford it, but as a porter I used to handle it and put the sales out. I absolutely loved it was fascinating stuff  2000 year old pieces of glass.

Sadly I can’t show any of my 18c drinking glasses as they were stolen from my parents house the only thing that was stolen from the whole house was my drinking glasses.
So I suppose their broken now anyway, so for the last 10 years I’ve been trying to collect glass and I’d like to collect modern contemporary glass.

I love what is happening, especially in this country, with modern young people and this a fairly recent purchase.

This bowl here in an ancient looking shape, its got the sort of feel of ancient Persian roman glass probably of the 1st century, and this wonderful of colour and the contrast of these dark blue leaves, made by a young English couple in Rosedale abbey in Yorkshire and they make bowls of this style in different colours and I’d like to collect the whole lot.

I think they are absolutely superb What is so good about it is you’ve got this smooth tactile outside and when you look at the inside, and touch the inside, its very deep, its etched quite deep almost a mm deep so you get another sensation of touch, so you get the visual and the touch, that’s what’s so lovely about well any medium really.”

Transcript from the Broadcast.

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Recent Commission

Posted in Studio Stuff by Kate Jones on February 1, 2010

Made a red and blue overlay bowl for DBA-Global, a local business that works internationally. The bowl is a gift for a senior official of the Chinese State Food and Drug Administration.

Good commission to do and we are very pleased with the bowl.

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CGS conference 2009

Posted in Craft Thoughts by Kate Jones on October 1, 2009

Was on Saturday & Sunday 26/27 Sept at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

It was a cracking good party, great food and with a pretty good conference attached. I enjoyed the speakers I heard, even though it was all flat glass. Good to know what is going on in other forms of glass.

The conference was at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, which is always a great setting and was sold out, which bodes well for the CGS. Follow the link to se what the Society is all about. It is open to makers and collectors and all that have an interest in creative contemporary glass.

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Northlands Creative Glass

Posted in Craft Thoughts, Travels by Kate Jones on September 9, 2009


This is an image taken at Whaligoe steps. Just the colours as the lense saw them. Very appropriate as I had just been on my annual pilgrimage to the conference at Lybster. This year the conference theme was colour and transparency. As usual there were good speakers, good conversation, an eclectic diverse and interesting group of people, brought together by an interest in the material that is glass. Northlands is a long way, but everytime I make the effort I return, rejuvenated, having learned a great deal about a great many things, including myself… and with a real sense of a community.

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The Vessel – Bounded Space

Posted in Exhibitions, New Work, Studio Stuff by Kate Jones on July 23, 2009

Gillies Jones A5 1

Gillies Jones A5 2

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Financial Times/ Glass is making the breakthrough

Posted in Craft Thoughts by Kate Jones on June 7, 2009

Nice piece by Antony Thorncroft in this weeks Collecting section of the Saturday FT.

‘Glass is making the breakthrough’

Saturday June 6 2009

It mentions Dan Klein’s tireless work to support and represent glass, the recent Bonhams auction and a general overview of glass as a collectable art form. A good upbeat optomistic piece especialy from the presepective of a maker.

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