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Studio Exhibition October – Graal Goblets

Posted in Craft Thoughts, Exhibitions, Studio Stuff by Kate Jones on October 5, 2011

The Studio Exhibiiton opens to the public on 24th October. (PV 23rd)

‘Graal’ is the Swedish for grail and derives from the mediaeval Latin for ‘gradalis’ meaning bowl or chalice.

Developed in 1916, by the master glassmakers at Orrefors, it is still one of the most technically
challenging of all hot glass techniques.
An overlay is made, cooled, decorated with engraving and sand carving, reheated, picked up on the blowing iron and made into a goblet. We will be making these generously sized white & clear
goblets with new complex patterns.

Below images of the second stage of the process the pick up through to making.

Overlay and embryo making to come soon.


Embryos in the kiln ready for pick up

On the Blowing Iron

Heating in to smooth the textured sand engraving

Marvering the embryo

Air blown into embryo

Stem Foot & Punty added

Almost finished

Into the Lehr to cool overnight.

Friday Night Sunset

Posted in Rosedale the locale by Kate Jones on September 13, 2011

Just amazing, pleased it was warm enough to sit outside and appreciate it.

Graffiti – Rural Yorkshire Style

Posted in Rosedale the locale by Kate Jones on August 26, 2011

Hmmmmm counting down the days till school starts again, and not just me by the looks !

Calla Lillies in Flower Bomb

Posted in Studio Stuff by Kate Jones on August 24, 2011

Flower Bomb Vase, always good to find new ways to display flowers in these vases. These were flowers whose stems had failed, so they were no longer suitable for the tall Root Vases, but perfect for and still beautiful in a flower bomb.

Tempted to ask for images of what you put in yours?

Colourful Moon over Chimney Bank

Posted in Rosedale the locale by Kate Jones on August 10, 2011

My moving hands let me down on the slow exposure, but you get the idea of the colours of the moonlight through the clouds. It was beautiful.

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Catch the Pigeon

Posted in Rosedale the locale, Studio Stuff by Kate Jones on April 6, 2011

Found this visitor at the back of the studio today. An exhausted homing pigeon. It is now fed and watered and awaiting news from its keeper.

Not had a pigeon in the studio for a long time, not since the day when we had ducks, swallows and a pigeon all on the same day. More recently it has been a frog, a jackdaw fledgling and a wren. Ah country ways. Just sorry the camera was not to hand when 300 sheep turned up outside the studio last week, most amusing if not a little messy, but managed to round most of them into the orchard until the farmer arrived. Love Rosedale, it truely is never dull !

Cropton Bank

Posted in Rosedale the locale by Kate Jones on January 27, 2010

Sundays walk, with the kids, was around the bottom and then up Cropton Bank.

Stephen took this pic looking back towards Rosedale.

See the colours of the fallen trees’ branches change as it touches the ground.

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let it snow ………..

Posted in Rosedale the locale by Kate Jones on January 5, 2010

Pics of a New Years Day walk and images  of the studio showing just how beautiful and  cold it is. I know this is turning into a weather blog again, but still the novelty of walking out to enjoy proper weather, stunning contrasts in light &  landscape, making good food and keeping warm by an open fire….. well its a feast for the eyes and soul.

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Winter Has Come

Posted in Rosedale the locale by Kate Jones on December 7, 2008

-8 Last night. It is very very cold.

Picture says it all. Main roads now clear but village side roads still messy.


My neighbours duck swimming through the snow to beg for some breakfast


Always wonderful the see the familiar made unfamiliar and the invisible made visible.



Posted in Rosedale the locale by Kate Jones on July 25, 2008

What can I say ! This was during a big family get together around a Christening. 15 children running about from 6 months up the 14 yrs and it was the adults who were stood outside in the rain marvelling at this. I guess to be over 40 is the time to really appreciate these fleeting moments.

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