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The Daily Mash – Looters return stuff to Games Workshop

Posted in Uncategorized by Kate Jones on August 12, 2011

The Daily Mash – Looters return stuff to Games Workshop.

Congrats the Daily Mash on the what is often described as the ‘lowest’ form of Wit…  and is often the most hilarious.

Celebrity Bowl Watch

Posted in Studio Stuff, Uncategorized by Kate Jones on January 7, 2011

Spotted ! One of our bowls on a short clip about Katie Price & Alex Reid, shown on Virgin Media.

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Margo Selby Gallery

Posted in Uncategorized by Kate Jones on May 22, 2008

Margo is a textile deigner who has her own shop and studio gallery in Bloomsbury London.

We have some of our small bowls on show as part of the latest exhibition entitiled ‘Flora’ which runs from 29th may – 30th August. Look for the link.

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Mann Singh and Jigisha Patel

Posted in Uncategorized by Kate Jones on April 30, 2008

Mann and Jigs came to the studio for a two week residency in 2006 as part of the British Council commission to make the prize for the winner of ‘India’s Creative Future’ ( Link , Creative Future Award )

They have both done good work in design, Jigs in textiles, including commissions for Habitat  and beautiful scarves made for the V&A shop, and Mann in designing for the Italian firm ‘driade’. Got an email today all about the Milan Fair and showing Mann’s new work in metal  ( Link to Manns Blogg ). For those who met them at the studio and who came to the lecture at Helmsley Arts Centre, I hope you find this interesting. Check our Mann’s blogg with his cool designs and the British Council Link for more info about the great project Jigisha and I were part of !

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1st Day of the Year !

Posted in Uncategorized by Kate Jones on February 3, 2008

Opened on Feb 1st, as usual, but unusually to blizzards, followed by a 26 hr power cut !

Kids loved it, helicopters buzzing about all over the dale trying to find the downed line, candles everywhere, cooking on the wood stove, toasting on the fire…

I do like proper weather after the gery wet winters of a London childhood , but I hope thats the last of no power for this year ! Next time, just the snow , sledging followed by easily made hot chocolate and a hot bath …. mmm nice.

Snow Blasted

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Yorkshire Post

Posted in Uncategorized by Kate Jones on January 15, 2008

Made the Post again on Saturday. Bit of a nice surprise. All to do with CIN… The Burns Owen Partnership did some research for CIN, about creatives in North Yorks. Turns out combine us as a group across the board, and we economically make more for the county than farming, forestry and fisheries.

If you fancy a read of the full piece then the link is below.